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2020 MacBook Air (i3 8gb 256gb)

2020 MacBook Air (i3 8gb 256gb)

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  1. Clearance: Our most budget-friendly option. This device is fully operational with a 6 Year Warranty, despite potential cosmetic imperfections like bumps or scratches.
  2. Used: Expect typical wear and tear from regular use, but rest assured, the device is functional and ready for continued use.
  3. Open Box: Enjoy a device in pristine condition, akin to receiving it fresh from the box with original packaging.
  4. Brand New Sealed: Purchase a completely new device, sealed in its original Apple packaging with the manufacturer's seal intact.


All our devices come fully unlocked and include a suitable charger. Additionally, each is covered by a 6 Month Non Accidental warranty.

We offer a 30-day return policy if you have any issues

For inquiries beyond these options, please contact us directly at 503-769-4211. We likely have something tailored just for you in our inventory

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